Hiring A Web Developer [2022]

Logical Websol is hiring a web developer in 2022. Logical Websol is the product of over 5 years of immersion in the field of information technology.LWS uses real-world experience and knowledge to provide our clients with:

1. Technical  Services
2. Digital Commerce Solutions

Our mission is to inspire growth through people and service excellence. We envision becoming a premier technical and digital commerce provider to businesses all over the world.

Our Technical Services deliver immediate business results. We keep the client involved throughout the decision-making process. Our unmatched approach to client and candidate engagement is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We have a passion for working collectively as a team to convert innovative ideas into impactful results. Logical Websol accomplishes this by providing data-driven insights, customized solutions, and an innately human experience to our clients. This has enabled us to grow fast globally with 150% revenue growth year over year and 200% team growth.

Who is A Web Developer ?

A web developer is a person who writes code to perfection. That is, they can enter your site and edit the files to make changes or create an entire site from scratch. They also work with code editors and other development tools. Developers also have subgroups. The most significant are front-end and back-end development. Hiring a Web Developer is not an easy task but our experts have abilities to find a gem out of ashes.

We need both.

Hiring a Web developer
Apply for Job

In an emergency, we need the following candidates:

Job Title: Full Stack Developer



Node js,



Git knowledge is a plus,

Team player, Good time-management skills.

Experience: 3 years or more

No. of Positions: 01

Job Type: Full Time/Permanent

Salary Range: PKR 50k – 100k per month

Location: Fatehpur, Layyah.

Job Title: WordPress Developer

Logical Websol is looking for a WordPress Developer in 2022 with a couple of years of experience and excellent communication skills. The applicant must be able to thrive in a highly collaborative workplace and actively engage in the development process.

1. Themes

2. Plugins

3. Widgets

4. Entire WordPress websites

5. Web Applications via Rest API

What Do You Need to Know as A WordPress Developer?

HTML (preferably HTML5)

CSS (Preferably CSS3)






No. of Positions: 01

Job Type: Full Time/Permanent

Location: Fatehpur, Layyah.

Please send CVs to: shahid.fast@gmail.com

Customized Web Design PHP & WordPress Project

China Recruitment

The site name is China Recruitment. It is a sample picture of our PHP and WordPress work a customized web design for our Precious client. Client satisfaction is our primary motive.

Every business needs to be online. Keeping up with the latest web development trends is essential for growing your business. Stand out from the competition and show off your brand with great web page design.Web development is the process of creating a website, and there are many languages ​​and processes that website builders can use to create a website. For example, some popular web development languages ​​are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python. Typically, web development involves coding or non-design activities of website creation. When searching for a web development company, be sure to ask about the content management system (CMS) and development languages ​​that the web development team is most familiar with.
There are various types of websites. Some of them are listed below
1. Business Websites
2. Blogs
3. E-Commerce Websites
4. Portfolios
5. Event Websites
6. Online Forums
7. Personal Websites
8. Membership Websites
9. Nonprofit Websites
10. Informational Websites.
With Logical Websol Web Development Services, you will find effective web page designs with professional thinking in mind.
A complete, unique and attractive custom web design. A complete brand identity.

Creating a custom website for your company can increase the efficiency and productivity of staff. Our versatile web developers have the ability to handle even the most complex business logic.
We offer innovative, reliable website solutions to meet your specific business needs. Custom software builds custom web applications with lab technology that meets your needs.
Our web programming experience includes PHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, React, AJAX, jQuery Bootstrap, Ant Framework, XHTML, UI, UX, Adobe Air, MongoDB, MySQL, API’s (WP REST, SOAP, OAuth, OAuth2) to name a few.

Procedure of work (Customized web Design)

First design (which is approved by Professional Developers of Logical Websol) then code.

Our experts will turn your web design ideas into real websites.
Design a custom website in about a week.

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