EliteCombine helps athletes to gain recruitment opportunities at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional level. They start by providing their athletes with scheduled combines, educational tutorials, and performance based training videos to help them to get recognized. 
–Tools & Technologies: 
-Gravity Forms 
-Woo-Commerce Memberships
-Woo-Commerce Subscription Products
-Payment Gateways (Stripe API)
-SSL Certification on Server
-WP Forms
-Vimeo API
-Avada Theme
–Role & Responsibilities / Tasks Completed: 
-Project Developer. 
-Avada Theme
-User Register/login
-Registration with Three Custom Roles (Athlete, Coach, Recruiter)
-Gravity Forms for Registration.
-BuddyPress for User Profiles.
-BuddPress Template Customization.
-BuddyPress Custom Fields Integration for User Profile.
-BuddyPress Custom Filter Integration for User Filtration on User Listing Page.
-Buddypress Profile Custom Access to View and Modify it Based on User Role.
-Buddypress Activity Share options on social Medias.
-BuddyPress User Custom Rating System.
-BuddyPress User’s Profile Custom Image and Video Gallery Feature.
-Woo-Commerce Integration for User Memberships with Subscription Products.
-Membership Listing Custom Page with direct checkout option for Subscription products only.
-Membership Custom Permissions to access Custom Posts (Speed, Strength, Episodes, Mobility).
-Custom Post Type Plugins For (Speed, Strength, Episodes, Mobility).
-Custom Templates for Custom Post Types and Listing Pages with Woo-Commerce Membership Access and Custom Filter Implementation for custom posts.
-Vimeo API Implementation to show Private videos on Posts Detail page. 
-Custom Add-on Plugin integrate with Woo-Commerce for User Referral System.
-User Referral Listing with Export option in Excel Sheet. 
-SSL certification installation on server to secure checkout.

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